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Flawed Fiscal Agency Report Ignores $1 Billion or More in Savings from Auto No-Fault Reforms

The Michigan Chamber today blasted a flawed and incomplete report released by the House Fiscal Agency (HFA) on legislation to reform Michigan’s broken, outdated auto no-fault insurance system. At issue is the HFA’s failure to consider consumer and business savings of $1 billion or more annually and to include real data from other states.

Preparing for your HR Worst Case Scenario

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I own several buildings in Houston, Texas, which I acquired some 20 years ago so I could operate my company there. I left Texas in 2006, but the buildings stayed. When Hurricane Harvey arrived in August, I watched helplessly in a cabin up North as video streamed in showing rivers in Houston where freeways usually roared. My worst fears were confirmed when I got text messages from tenants indicating the buildings were filling with water.

The Cost of Negligence in Hiring

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When hiring, it takes more than just checking a resume for previous job experience, education, and skills. You must also ensure that employees who are hired will not put other employees, customers, clients, or members of the general public, at risk while on the job. If an accident or incident does occur, employers are in danger of being accused of negligence in hiring practices. This legal accusation can end up being a very costly one for businesses.

8 Ways an Employee Handbook Can Create a Great Workplace

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An employee handbook is a powerful tool to communicate an organization’s values and vision. It lays the groundwork for a company’s culture and influences how the organization functions on a day-to-day basis. Plus, it can form the first line of defense in an employment lawsuit or litigation.

A well-written and comprehensive employee handbook will benefit both the employee and the employer. Below are highlights of some specific reasons that every employer should create and maintain an accurate handbook.

Chamber Opposes Three Petition Drives That Are Bad Public Policy and Would Take Our State in the Wrong Direction

After careful consideration, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted today to oppose three petition drives that are bad public policy and would take our state in the wrong direction.

The three petition drives the Michigan Chamber will actively oppose are: a statutory initiative to legalize the recreational use of marijuana; a statutory initiative to shut down critical energy infrastructure; and a proposed constitutional amendment that would undermine state government’s system of checks and balances. 

Chamber Working With Lawmakers, Governor to Close Skills Gap

One of Michigan’s biggest challenges is how to close the skills gap. The Michigan Chamber is working with lawmakers, Governor Snyder and other stakeholders to create a talent pipeline and fill the approximately 100,000 skilled trades jobs that are posted and remain unfilled. The focus has been on expanding skilled trades, strengthening career technical education statewide and increasing apprenticeship opportunities to create more jobs – but, clearly, more work needs to be done. 

Best Protection from Wage Garnishment Risks

If a wage garnishment is mishandled, employers can become directly liable for their employee’s judgment debt, which could potentially be a five-figure sum. When you add this to the regrettable truth that Michigan is near the top of the list for the volume of wage garnishments issued to collect judgments from the debtor’s employer, the result is that Michigan businesses are at significant risk.

What can you do to minimize the cost and reduce the risk posed by wage garnishments?