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An “Admiral” Way of Running a Meeting

meeting agenda

Wasted time in meetings never occurred under the watch of Admiral Hyman Rickover, the father of the United States nuclear navy. Please pardon the pun, but when it came to running a meeting, Admiral Rickover ran a tight ship.

First, the admiral would find out ahead of time what people wanted to talk about, then use that information to complete the first two columns of this spreadsheet. He would appoint a timekeeper to keep the meeting on track, who would begin the meeting on time.

Legislation Introduced to Clean Up Unemployment Insurance Processes at Urging of MI Chamber

For years, the unemployment insurance agency (UIA) has been plagued with problems. From wrongly accusing over 40,000 individuals of unemployment insurance (UI) fraud to the growing problem of identity theft claims to a compromise of their database this past winter, no one can deny the UIA is facing many challenges and needs to clean up its act. 

Chamber-Supported Legislation to Address Talent Gap to be Considered in House Committee

The House Workforce and Talent Committee is set to consider legislation later this week aimed at filling Michigan’s talent gap and opening pathways to Career and Technical Education (CTE) students. The Chamber is pledging its support for the package of bills. 

The package of bills would: 

IRS Reverses Policy, Requires Individuals to Certify Individual Mandate Compliance

On Oct. 13, 2017, the IRS reversed a recent policy change in how it monitors compliance with the ACA’s individual mandate. For the upcoming 2018 filing season (filing 2017 tax returns), the IRS‎ will not accept electronically filed tax returns where the taxpayer does not certify whether the individual had health insurance for the year. In addition, paper returns that do not certify compliance with the individual mandate may be suspended pending receipt of additional information, and any refunds due may be delayed.

Chamber Leadership on Work Comp Reforms Has Saved Employers an Estimated $446 Million Since 2011

The 2011 reforms to Michigan’s workers’ compensation system continues to pay dividends for employers. Last week, the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency announced that the pure premium advisory rate for work comp insurance will decrease by 9.3 percent for 2018.