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Employer Harassment Liability isn’t Confined to the Office

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With news stories breaking involving allegations of sexual harassment, employers are – or should be – thinking of proactive methods to prevent sexual harassment in their workplace.

Many businesses in Michigan and beyond are updating their harassment policies and rolling out handbook updates as 2018 gets started. Having a comprehensive but concise and understandable sexual harassment policy is a great tool for employers of all sizes, and may provide a valuable affirmative defense if a harassment allegation turns into a federal or state lawsuit. 

Sexual Harassment Complaints Increasing Against Employers

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While news regarding sexual harassment may have just recently reached new heights, litigation over harassment, including sexual harassment has been growing for years. The law allows employers and individuals to be sued for back pay, front pay, emotional damages, and other punitive damages for violation of the law related to harassment. In fact, employees have increasingly been utilizing the court system to file their own lawsuits or reaching out to either the:

Employer Response to Aggressive Intruders and Active Shooters

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News stories from the last few months reinforce how employers must be vigilant to protect employees internationally, nationally and locally. To protect employees, customers, and contractors, it does not really matter who the perpetrators are; what matters most is do our employees know what to do when they encounter aggressive intruders or active shooters in the workplace?

Disciplining Employees for Off-Duty Conduct

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Stories of employee off-duty conduct seem to surface every week. Last month, a marketing executive was photographed making an obscene gesture toward a presidential motorcade. The photo quickly went viral on social media and other outlets. After she identified herself and posted a copy of the photo, she was fired, with her employer citing its social media policy. In August, participants in the neo-Nazi white supremacist rally were quickly identified in photos that circulated online, and their employers were confronted with calls for the employees’ termination.

Red Flags: What to Look for in an Interview

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Beyond basic “never dos” like showing up late and/or inebriated, wearing flip-flops, or not knowing anything about the organization or position, there are other ways candidates can derail their chances of advancing further.

Interviewers need to be aware of warning signs; spotting them quickly can prevent possible problems later.

These can include:

Michigan Minimum Wage Set to Increase in January

Effective January 1, 2018, the minimum wage rate will increase from $8.90 to $9.25. This new change to state law marks the end of a gradual 25 percent increase of the minimum wage.

The Workforce Opportunity Wage Act, Public Act 138 of 2014 (Act 138) took effect on May 27, 2014, replacing the Michigan Minimum Wage and Overtime Act (Act 154). Act 138 applies to employers in Michigan that have two or more employees age 16 and older.