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Chamber Applauds House Passage of Legislation to Repeal and Replace Health Insurance Tax ("HICA"); Encourages Governor's Signature

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Michigan Chamber Vice President of Business Advocacy Wendy Block issued the following statement today in response to State House passage of legislation to repeal and replace Michigan's Health Insurance Claims Tax ("HICA Tax"):

Proposed Changes to Michigan's Sexual Assault Laws Could Have Wide-Ranging Consequences for Your Business

Legislation intended to address the atrocities and aftermath of the Larry Nassar situation was passed by the Senate earlier this month and is now pending in the House Law and Justice Committee. While we agree that all victims must be protected and the Legislature should research every available option to improve public policy in this area, we are concerned that one of the bills in the package might go too far and open businesses (not just perpetrators) to retroactive lawsuits and civil damages.

What to Do When a Background Screening Report Raises Red Flags

You've just received a background screening report from a third-party provider on a job applicant or current employee and, unfortunately, the news isn't good. If rejecting an applicant or terminating an employee is in order, there are certain procedures an employer must follow as specified in the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Data Privacy: Know the Laws & Reputation Risks to Your Business

Every business has data. Some is critical. Some is sensitive. Some is not. What falls into each category changes from business to business. The legal and reputational risks that data brings do not change. 

Many business owners are surprised by how many laws apply to their business. After all, they say, data is not even the focus of my business, how can almost a dozen laws apply, just to my data? That is only half the question. The other half is how to keep up with the changing laws. 

Recent NLRB Decisions Benefit Employers

With union activity relatively quiet during the Obama presidency, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) spent much of its attention regulating the non-union workplace, issuing decisions on handbooks, computer use, wearing of Hawaiian shirts, social media, and bringing smart phones to work.  

This NLRB attention spawned many decisions which left employers scratching their heads. That trend is changing. With the election of President Trump, the NLRB, with the new Republican majority, is taking a fresh look at these Obama era decisions.

Senate Passes Commonsense Medicaid Work Requirement; Chamber Encouraging Swift Action by House

The Michigan Senate voted last week on key legislation supported by the Michigan Chamber to promote independence among healthy, adult Medicaid recipients by requiring them to find work or engage in job training or educational opportunities as a condition of receiving benefits. 

You Don't Have to Be a CPA to Understand a Company's Financial Health

If you want to find out the financial health of a company - or even your own - there are two good ways to do it. To get started, gather financial statements (including balance sheet, income statement and a statement of cash flow) for the last five years of the company you want to review. Once in hand, you can utilize two key ratios to spot trends that will tell you how that company is doing financially compared to others. 

#1: Assets vs. Debt

Michigan Chamber Supports Commonsense Medicaid Work Search Requirements

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce today applauded the Senate Competitiveness Committee's vote on key legislation to promote independence among healthy, adult Medicaid recipients by requiring them to find work or engage in job training or educational opportunities as a condition of receiving benefits. Currently, half of healthy adults on Medicaid are not working.