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Action Alert! Senate to Try Again to Increase HICA Tax; Make Your Opposition Known Today!

In late 2012, we alerted you to the fact that state lawmakers were trying to dramatically increase the Health Insurance Claims Tax (“HICA Tax”) on Michigan job providers in order to balance the state’s budget. Although we were successful in defeating the lame duck proposal, a new bill was reintroduced earlier today (Tuesday, April 30th) and it appears the Senate Appropriations Committee is on the verge of beginning a new round of action on this ill-conceived proposal.

ACTION ALERT! Urge Your State Senator to Oppose Health Insurance Claims Tax Increase Today!

Monday, Nov. 26th - In the next 24 hours, state lawmakers will be considering a bill to dramatically increase the Health Insurance Claims Tax (otherwise known as “HICA’) on Michigan job providers. We need your help in communicating your strong opposition to this eleventh-hour tax increase! Click here to view and send an Action Alert to your State Senator today!