Credit Card Processing

Ready for eCommerce?

Are you considering adding an online store or already have a website set up for your business to sell merchandise or accept donations? In today’s climate, having online options for clients is a great way to stay competitive.  Whether using complex, customized pay pages or a simple Buy/Donate Now button, there are some basic requirements for accepting payments on the web and holding space in the eCommerce market.

Card-not-present (CNP) transactions are transmitted without having a card in hand to swipe. Selling or accepting donations online require CNP transactions.

Provide Customers with Mobile Security

There is plenty of talk currently about mobile payments and the appeal of doing business transactions with mobile phones. Not only is this payments trend convenient for customers, it is also good for merchants who do work out in the field or who have online stores already in place that would easily transition into the mobile arena. There is a high likelihood that mobile payments will become more and more prevalent.

Keep Employees Informed for Strong Cyber Security

With data breach stories so prevalent in the news, security is on the minds of most merchants and customers. Consumers need to trust where they shop and you have a reputation to uphold. Reviewing security policies and potential issues with employees is more important than ever. It is vital to keep employees up to speed on data security, the dangers of card fraud, and the need for vigilance. Reinforcing clear security practices with staff will go a long way.

EMV – Europay, MasterCard and Visa

The term EMV is everywhere. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, a joint entity established with the goal of developing specifications for more secure payment transactions. While there is still some debate on the inevitability of EMV, recent large-scale data breaches in the news, such as the one at Target, have spurred some in the industry to push for adoption due to its superior security. EMV technology has been used widely overseas for years and has been linked to significant reduction in fraud in the card-present environment.

What to Look for in a Mobile Payments Solution

Accepting mobile payments is a great way to boost your business’s success while you’re out and about in the community. Letting customers pay on the spot with a smartphone means your phone now does double duty as a point of sale device. With most providers, getting an app and a swipe device is simple, but getting support for your mobile payment solution can be a real challenge.

Before you start – and even as you go – you will have important questions.

Why a Data Breach Makes Fraud Your Problem — Even If the Breach Isn’t

A recent data breach scare at eBay is just the latest in a series of hacking incidents that are reaching epidemic proportions. Aren't you glad they don’t affect you? They can. Just because your data security is intact doesn’t mean you won't be on the receiving end of potential card fraud involving data stolen from another merchant. Stolen data could end up in a potentially fraudulent card transaction in your store. Are you ready to spot it?