Certificates of Origin

Help for Michigan companies that want to start exporting

Michigan is well-positioned to attract global customers as a manufacturing leader and innovator. Global trade is a key component of the state’s economy, representing hundreds of thousands of jobs. Ninety-five percent of consumers are located outside the U.S. so the ability to grow and compete globally is crucial.  The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) offers business assistance in identifying and pursuing global market.


Michigan one of five states that accounted for 50 percent increase in export-related jobs since 2009

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In 2014, exports of goods and services directly and indirectly supported an estimated 11.7 million U.S. jobs. Nationally, goods exports consisting of manufactured products, agricultural products, natural resources and used/second-hand products supported 7.1 million jobs, of which 6.2 million jobs were supported by exports of manufactured products. The export of services accounted for the remaining 4.6 million jobs supported.