Let's Get the Job Done!

In a recent statewide poll of 600 active voters, participants were asked questions regarding the plan to replace a portion of Line 5 that crosses the Straits of Mackinac with a new state-of-the-art underground tunnel. The results of the poll show Michigan voters agree with the Michigan Chamber’s support for a public/private partnership to replace Line 5 with a state-of-the-art underground tunnel.

55.3% of voters strongly support/somewhat support replacing Line 5 with an underground tunnel. Only 17.9% of voters strongly oppose/somewhat oppose the plan.

When asked should the Governor work with the State Legislature to fix legislation and allow the project to continue, 86.7% of voters said yes; only 4.5% of voters said no.

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce believes the tunnel is the best solution for Michigan and that Line 5 can continue to be safely operated while the tunnel is built. Line 5 is critical to delivering the energy needs to Michigan and beyond. Michigan businesses and homeowners rely on Line 5 to deliver energy.

While the state has taken legal steps to try to shut down Line 5, Enbridge is committed to moving the project forward, under the approvals of the former administration (wording will need to be checked), as soon as possible. The company has committed $500 million to this project, $40 million this year for an engineering and geotechnical program to obtain rock samples below the surface of the floor of the Straits. A specially designed vessel called the Highland Eagle is currently on it's way to Mackinaw to start boring.

Join us in support of this critical project.

Michigan Chamber of Commerce
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