Stop Trial Lawyers' Efforts to Create New "False Claims" Act


Trial lawyers want to create a new “false claims” act that would allow anyone, including disgruntled employees who steal confidential information, to make a claim that companies have submitted inaccurate payments to the state – even in the case of highly disputed tax law. Such a law would open up employers to a whole slew of new meritless litigation, based on so-called "whistleblower" tactics. 

Where We Stand:

Creating a new statute tailored to trial attorneys who want to incentivize meritless claims against job providers would send a chilling message about doing business in Michigan.  

Staff Contact: 
Wendy Block
Senior Director, Health Policy, Human Resources & Business Advocacy
(517) 371-7678
Legislative Proposals: 

House Bill 4494

Please note: This bill is from the 2015-2016 legislative session and should only be viewed as reference.