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In several Opinion columns, Dan Papineau, Government Affairs Director at the Michigan Chamber, stressed the need to collect critical student data on COVID-19 learning loss.  This essential data is needed for policy makers to understand which students, schools, and districts need the most help to overcome the learning disruptions brought on by COVID-19.  Call Michigan’s Superintendent Michael Rice today and tell him our children deserve better. Phone: 833-633-5788​.

Gathering data on COVID learning loss in Michigan is vital

Published, March 29, 2021

Gathering data on COVID-19 related learning loss in Michigan is critical. Nationally, we already know learning loss is a fact with studies showing last December that students, depending on different demographics, are between three and five months behind in their education. READ MORE.

Why we can’t afford to let students skip another year of testing

Published, March 11, 2021

Less than one year ago, Americans were clamoring for more data and reporting during the first COVID-19 surge. Now we are drowning in data. The impact of COVID is broken down by region, by race, by age and our understanding of the disease has grown rapidly. READ MORE.

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