State PFAS Work on Track; Chamber Continues to Monitor

March 11, 2019

The House Natural Resources Committee and House Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) budget committee held a joint hearing last week to receive an update from the Michigan PFAS Action Response Team (MPART). This was the first presentation from MPART since Governor Whitmer and her new leadership team took the reins. 

New DEQ Director, Liesl Clark, joined two MPART staff leaders to deliver the presentation. From beginning to end, it is very clear that the MPART team is still laser-focused on identifying any PFAS exposures, alerting and educating the public, and either completely eliminating the source or reducing it to as safe a level as possible.  

Despite complaints from some legislators that the process to set a regulatory drinking water standard for PFAS is taking too long, all three speakers made it clear they are actively working to eliminate 100% of PFAS in drinking water, thus making any regulatory number irrelevant for the moment. They were confident the science would in time provide the right answer on what that number should be, but that the setting of any number needs to be grounded in science.

It appears for the moment, that the new DEQ leadership is keeping MPART on track, focused on problem solving, transparency, education, and utilizing the best available science to make the right decisions. The Michigan Chamber will continue to monitor MPART and report back as developments occur. 

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