Small Cell Wireless Facilities Bill Passes First Legislative Hurdle; Passage Likely

March 12, 2018

After lengthy debate, the Senate Energy & Telecommunications Committee last week reported out Senate Bill 637 - legislation that would create a Small Wireless Communications Facilities Deployment Act to streamline the process for the installation of small cell wireless technology.

The Chamber-backed legislation clearly defines what a provider must do to install and maintain small cell technology and how much local governments can charge for the collocation of small cell wireless facilities. The bill, as reported, sets the amount for the zoning permit fee at $500 and the fee for modification or installation of wireless support structures at $1,000; it also prohibits any other fee from being assessed. 

Eliminating patchwork regulations will allow for a more thoughtful and cost-effective process for installing and maintaining small cell wireless facilities, thereby providing wider distribution at a lower cost to customers. With a compromised reached, it appears this legislation will face few obstacles as it makes its way to the Governor. 

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