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Michigan ATHENA Series – Women Engaging in Mobility

Women Engaging in Mobility

Virtual Networking Event Across Michigan To Learn from Women in Mobility

The Automotive Industry is being revolutionized as we transition to new forms of mobility… it is an exciting industry with huge opportunity for women to lead, innovate and transform the vision of how we move people, goods and information/data.

Thursday, November 5

4:00 – 5:30 p.m. 

Michigan ATHENA and Toyota presents a conversation with three dynamic “storytellers” on their work and impact in the Mobility Industry. Listen to the “stories” of women stepping into daring spaces and how they received support that enabled them to enter the mobility conversation.

Meet The Storytellers

Komal Doshi

Director of Mobility Programs, Ann Arbor Spark

Tara Lanigan

Director Policy & Advocacy, May Mobility

Dawn Thompson

Director of Strategy, Marketing & Special Programs at American Center for Mobility


Earnèe Gilling

Executive General Manager, Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing of North America

Brooke Boyle

Founder/Principal, Engage

"The Engaged Method"

Networking Structure

This networking program facilitates meaningful connections among strangers is rapidly replacing the traditional activity we all know as “networking”. Through this very simple but highly-nuanced series of conversation prompts and “small group” rotations, Engage Founder & CEO, Brooke Boyle, brings attendees face-to-face with opportunities to help and be helped as we all gain greater visibility into what is happening for women within the mobility sector.

Here is how the program will run:

3:50 PM Early arrivals welcome, we will get started on time!

4:00 PM Welcomes and Hellos; Meet the Moderators

4:05 PM What to Expect: Mobility Highlights

4:10 PM How This Works: The Engage Method for networking

4:20 PM Small Groups of 3-4 in Breakout Rooms and a Conversation Prompt to guide the conversation.

4:30 PM Main Zoom Room; Meet a Woman in Mobility.

4:35 PM Breakout Session 2; New people and a new prompt.

4:45 PM Rejoin the Main Zoom Room; Meet a Woman in Mobility.

4:50 PM Breakout Session 3; New People. New Prompt.

5:00 PM Main Room; Meet a Woman inMobility.

5:05 PM Breakout Session 4; New People. New Prompt.

5:15 PM Main Room; Reflect and Reset.

5:20 PM Final Breakout Session; New People, New Prompt.

5:30 PM All done! A final thanks and what to look for next!

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, November 5!

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