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Environmental Issues Forum

Michigan Chamber Environmental Issues Forum

Did You Miss the Forum? Not To Worry.

Environmental Issues Forum is now available On-Demand

The Michigan Chamber gathered leading experts, including attorneys and government officials, to provide members an update on the most current developments in the environmental arena.  This truly was a popular, top-notch program.  The Environmental Issues Forum is held only once a year.


Wednesday, April 28th - Four (4) Sessions

Update from Michigan EGLE, Chief Deputy Director, Aaron Keatley

Members got an overview on active EGLE initiatives such as vapor intrusion, emerging contaminants, dam safety, water infrastructure funding and climate change. And learned about opportunities to engage with the Department as they reviewed their permitting processes and compliance frameworks.

Update on Michigan’s PFAS Emerging Contaminants Regulations

Heard from EGLE’s newly appointed executive director of the Michigan PFAS Action Response Team (MPART), Abigail Hendershott, on what is next for regulating PFAS and PFOS contaminants throughout the state.

A Discussion on Water Quality, Including Wastewater and Stormwater Issues

Learned about the state’s $500 million MI Clean Water Plan and what funding opportunities are available to improve and upgrade water use and wastewater facilities, as well as permitting issues around water discharge.

Climate Change Challenges and Opportunities (Including Renewable Energy)

The state has set a target of economy-wide carbon neutrality by 2050 and an interim goal of 28% carbon reductions by 2025.  Member heard experts explain How it will get there? How can industry and regulators work together to ensure policies are done in a way that best serves the state?


Thursday, April 29 - Five (5) Sessions

State Legislative Environmental Priorities

Learned about the Michigan Chamber’s environmental priorities for the 2021-2022 legislative cycle and opportunities for the business community to meaningfully engage in regulatory reforms the Chamber is pursuing.

An Update on Remediation/Brownfield Issues, Including Vapor Intrusion, Due Care, Part 201 Stakeholder Process

What does the regulatory climate currently look like for remediation issues in the state? Members learned about initiatives to improve how the state works with the business community on improving site cleanup at facilities.


This session provided an insightful fast-paced update on the latest workplace safety requirements and guidelines.  Experts examined anticipated federal OSHA changes from the Biden administration and lessons to be learned from recent MIOSHA inspections, citations and appeals.

Federal Environmental Update, Including a Discussion of the New Administration at the EPA and Priorities

Members learned about the many new climate and environment-related initiatives the new Biden Administration’s EPA has kicked off.

Environmental Justice Regulatory Permitting Issues

The state has shown increased technical capacity and focus on environmental justice. Members learned what that could mean for the business community as well as communities undergoing energy transitions as historical power plants are shut down.

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