Shipping & Financial Services Audits

The Michigan Chamber offers a program to help you manage and significantly reduce your shipping/freight, merchant processing, workers’ compensation and 401K/403B costs with real savings and refunds.

 If you spend a significant amount in any of these areas, we can take a look and let you know if you have billing errors, are being over-charged and recover overpayments.


This is a great new opportunity to lower your business's operating expenses and increase your bottom line!

  • Simple
  • No risk
  • No upfront cost
  • Highly effective


Specialized Shipping Audit
Shipping Audits are ongoing monthly reviews of your courier (FedEx and UPS) and LTL (Less-than-a-Truck-Load) freight invoices to identify refund opportunities for service delivery failures and billing discrepancies. The initial audit simply requires the two most recent UPS and/or FedEx invoices and copies of recent LTL or freight quotes to compare.

Merchant Processing Audit
Merchant Processing Audits provide an itemized review of all credit and debit card transactions accepted by your company monthly. Without changing your current processor, we are able to identify where adjustments can be made and how you were billed for each transaction and cost savings are created. The initial audit simply requires one recent merchant processing statement.

Workers’ Compensation Audit
A Workers’ Compensation Audit is an independent review of the premiums, classification codes and experience modifiers assigned to your policy by your provider. While every business gets a workman's comp audit at some point, its purpose is to ensure the provider is covering their liability and is not an independent review on behalf of employers. That’s where we come in. We can find where premium errors are made and recover cash refunds from 7 to 10 years back. The initial audit requires a Fact Finder Form (provided), authorization to provide access to required policy data and a copy of present workers’ compensation policy.

401K/403B Audit
You’d be surprised how many 401(k) plans we come across that are “out of bounds” from a compliance perspective. We audit your company’s retirement plans to ensure they comply with Department of Labor (DOL) guidelines and find any hidden ways to save you and your company money. We will review your most recent 408B, Outside TPA Fee schedule (if applicable) and/or Audit Fees and most recent Incumbent Plan statement.

What’s Next?

Call David Brownback at (517) 371-7689 or email him at to let us know what audit(s) you would like to do.

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