She Lied on her Resume for over 30 Years!

December 2, 2014

High-level corporate professionals are all too often exposed for lying on their resumes.

Usually, these lies and misrepresentations relate to falsified educational or professional accomplishments. For example, a person may claim a Master’s degree in a certain field, but it is discovered they didn’t earn it or obtained one from a phony mail order school. Or, perhaps the person claims to have been a VP of Sales for ten years, but it turns out it was a basic sales position that lasted only three years.

Several years ago we were completing a screening for a client who was looking for a CFO. The position paid about $150K to start. Everything on this candidate’s resume checked out perfectly, except for her education. She was 58 years old. Our investigators couldn’t confirm her undergraduate attendance/degree, and also could not confirm the two Master’s degrees she claimed from prestigious universities. We informed our client, and they discussed this with the applicant. After all, if the applicant claimed these educational accomplishments and the institutions would not confirm them, then she would need to contact them and find out what was going on.

A few weeks later while speaking to the client on another matter we casually inquired what had happened with the applicant in question. We were told that the woman readily admitted she had only finished the 10th grade then went to work in New York City. Her career had a meteoric path towards great success and subsequent employers never questioned her credentials, so she continued to enhance them. Finally, someone (our client) actually checked. Another case in point why you should get your background checks done!

Contributed by Steven J. Austin of LABORCHEX.

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