Same-Sex Benefits a Factor in Hiring & Retaining Talent

November 5, 2014

Same-sex issues and benefits are among the hottest topics in the employment area - with good reason. Employers are faced with an increasing amount of government oversight, investigation and frequent, sometimes, daily changes in what is required, what is optional, and what is prohibited. The consequences of these issues often go beyond just legal compliance, although that is a very important aspect. These days, a business's ability to attract and retain employees and customers can depend, in part, on whether it does or does not provide benefits to employees in a same-sex relationship and how the business addresses broader LGBT issues.

It is challenging to keep up with all the changes. That is due to the number of courts - state and federal - and government agencies involved in addressing these issues.  Keeping up on the latest court decisions and agency pronouncements is time consuming. Due to the volume, it is easy to overlook something.

Contributed by Charles M. Russman, Attorney with Bodman Law Group.

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