Rover Pipeline is Right for Michigan

February 23, 2015

This week, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission posted the Rover Pipeline project’s formal application. The Michigan Chamber supports the Rover Pipeline and welcomes this next step in the process toward formal approval of the project. We encourage FERC to move quickly in its review of the pipeline’s application.

Michigan’s consumers, manufacturers, and businesses need infrastructure investment and affordable natural gas. The Rover Pipeline will deliver on both.

As this blog has noted in the past, much of Michigan's current pipeline infrastructure is connected to resources in the Gulf. That has led to a growing energy capacity shortfall in our state. Building new pipeline infrastructure that connects to growing natural gas resources, such as those in Pennsylvania and Ohio, will help deliver on Michigan’s energy needs for years to come. 

Why ship energy up from the Gulf, after all, when we can extract it ourselves in our own back yard?

The Rover Pipeline is good news for businesses across Michigan. Creating access to affordable, safe, and reliable energy sources like natural gas drives down energy costs.  Lowering energy costs for Michigan’s manufacturing sector will help fuel our state’s manufacturing rebound, as natural gas is an important input for products like automobiles, chemicals and plastics.

Jim Holcomb, Michigan Chamber Senior Vice President for Business Advocacy & General Counsel, said the following after the FERC filing:

“The Michigan Chamber of Commerce is encouraged that the Rover Pipeline is one step closer to reality, and that the regulatory process is moving forward. Michigan is at a crucial crossroads for its energy future. Expanding our natural gas infrastructure will help deliver lower costs for energy intensive businesses from agriculture to manufacturing, and will provide consumers with access to abundant and affordable gas. We look forward to FERCs prompt approval of this economically important project."