‘Going PRO’ Training Funds Restored?

December 9, 2019

Dozens of budget priorities could be restored by the State House and Senate as early as this week. A big question is whether the Going PRO Talent Fund will be restored in this budget or left to be dealt with after the new year. We believe there is a small window of opportunity to have this funding restored sooner rather than later—but we need your help! Make your voice heard with lawmakers and the Governor's office today.

The Going PRO Talent Fund provides short-term training dollars to employers to train and retain top talent. Since its initial inception in 2014, the Fund has issued over 3,000 awards to employers at an average amount of $31,548. The average training cost awarded is $1,062 per person. For Fiscal Year 2020, which began on Oct. 1, the Legislature appropriated $37 million. Unfortunately, the funding, which has bipartisan support, was caught up in the bigger battle and vetoed by the Governor.

Without a proactive vote, these training dollars will not be available to employers as anticipated in 2019 and 2020. While it is widely expected that these dollars will be restored in a January supplemental budget, waiting will disrupt the training plans for the 1,276 Going Pro Talent Fund applicants and the 43,435 Michigan workers caught in the balance of this debate.   

Call to Action

Please take a few minutes TODAY to encourage your state lawmakers and the Governor to seize the current window of opportunity and restore this funding. To locate your state representative, click here. To locate your state senator, click here. To reach the Governor's office, call (517) 335-7858.

In your conversations, lawmakers and the Governor's office need to hear: 

  • how your company has successfully used Going PRO in the past (if applicable);
  • how your workers have benefited from the training;
  • training programs that are in limbo due to the veto; and
  • the impact it’s having on employers and employees alike.

Please contact Wendy Block at wblock@michamber.com if youhave any questions.