Responding to Sticky HR Situations

People working
June 9, 2016

Addressing workplace issues – including the sticky HR situation – quickly and efficiently is important to employee retention, productivity, and to avoid and/or reduce potential liability to the company.

Some issues and concerns are common and frequent, and they are quickly and routinely addressed. The quandary occurs when you’re presented with a sticky HR situation that you have not previously encountered.

To ensure consistent treatment, you should ask yourself the following when you encounter a sticky HR situation:

  • Do I have all of the facts related to the situation?
  • Does this violate company policy?
  • Is this protected employee conduct?
  • Have we handled the same situation in the past and how was it addressed?
  • Do I need to report this to a federal or state agency or law enforcement?

An employer’s response to a sticky situation will be scrutinized by its employees, and the response may impact employee morale and productivity. It may also create an opportunity for potential liability. A failure to respond or an insufficient response may be interpreted as a lack of concern for the employees.

Contributed by Maureen Rouse-Ayoub, Chair of Bodman PLC’s Workplace Law practice.

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