Republican House Tax Policy Committee Members Support Taxpayers with Vote to End Wasteful Hollywood Give Away

March 9, 2015

Last week, the State House took its first steps to finally end the ineffective $50 million film subsidy that is funding out-of-state Hollywood producers at the expense of Michigan taxpayers and Michigan jobs. House Bill 4122 sponsored by State Representative Dan Lauwers, passed the committee. We applaud those legislators who voted in favor of ending this boondoggle. The data is clear that this program is a monumental failure and taxpayers are being fleeced.  Astonishingly some legislators continue to vote in support of the program thus illustrating their allegiance to Hollywood at the expense of Michigan constituents. 

The Michigan Chamber testified in both the House and Senate appropriations committees that handle the budget for this giveaway, noting that statutory changes made to the program last year have made it even less likely that Michigan residents would ever get hired. 

Unfortunately, during the Lame Duck session legislators egregiously revised the law to gift more money for highly compensated movie executives, while eliminating incentives for hiring Michigan residents. If that weren’t bad enough, the amended law allows producers to simply seek a waiver from any of the nominal Michigan-hiring expectations leaving Michigan residents to pay the bill without gaining any real benefit. 

The Michigan Chamber has concluded that if you tossed money out of an airplane, it would have a far better chance of landing in Michigan than this ineffective program. We need your help to end this waste of taxpayer dollars.  Please make your voice heard by sending an action alert to your state lawmakers today!

For more information, please contact Tricia Kinley at or (517) 371-7669.