Make Your Voice Heard on Michigan’s Highest-In-The-Nation Auto Insurance Premiums!

October 23, 2017

Many lawmakers in Lansing are looking to take the easy way out on cost-saving auto insurance reform and we need your help in pushing this issue over the edge. 

Although lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree that Michigan has the highest-in-the-nation auto insurance premiums, finding agreement on a solution has proven difficult. Why? Because special interest groups who have been raking in profits on the backs of Michigan drivers are pulling out all the stops to protect their gravy train.

The Michigan Chamber supports real, cost-saving reforms that will benefit the 7.1 million licensed drivers in Michigan and commercial policyholders. We support a bipartisan proposal that would allow drivers to choose between three levels of personal injury protection (PIP) benefits - including the current unlimited amount - and tie medical provider fees to Medicare rates. The reforms we support will save drivers $1 billion per year and require insurers to reduce PIP premiums by 40% for five years for people who choose the lowest option of PIP coverage. This would amount to approximately 20% savings on the total premium. 

Lawmakers are under serious political pressure by a handful of donors to block the proposal being pushed in the MI House. These lawmakers talk about “alternative plans” (read: fake reforms that will raise costs, not lower them). This a political tactic we normally see out of Washington DC: provide a false solution that doesn’t solve the problem so to look like you’re being constructive.

Help us convey a strong message to Lansing lawmakers by calling or writing your State Representative today! Tell them to stop talking and be courageous. Tell them to tackle the very real problem of Michigan’s highest-in-the-nation auto insurance costs by addressing primary cost-drivers. Tell them you support driver choice, a fee schedule and efforts to tackle fraud waste and abuse. Tell them to support HB 5013.

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