Questions, Comments, Concerns with Essential Business Designation? Ask CISA!

March 26, 2020

Governor Whitmer’s stay at home order excluded employers who employ “Critical Infrastructure Workers” and provides a list of industries who employ these workers. The Order also references the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) guidance on critical infrastructure workers to help employers determine whether or not they should close or remain open.

CISA has provided the Michigan Chamber with an email address that Chamber members can use to contact CISA directly to ask questions on the guidance they issue and check to see whether they are included or not.  Businesses could also ask for consideration to be included in CISA’s guidance as well.  CISA’s email is:

The Michigan Chamber will continue to work diligently with the Governor’s office to get clarity on the order.  We are forwarding questions, comments and concerns to them and getting further guidance in FAQ’s published on the state’s website.  Michigan Chamber members are encouraged to continue sending in their questions to chamber staff.

For more information on the Governor’s Stay at Home Order, please contact Dan Papineau at