Putting the Brakes on Unsafe Conditions

March 14, 2017

Nobody would want to drive a vehicle that wasn’t properly maintained and lacked important safety features. Yet at one shipping company that operates nationwide workers were required to operate unsafe forklifts. 

In fact, after performing “breakdown maintenance,” this company often sent forklifts back into service without repairing known safety problems − including non-functioning horns and lights, leaking fluid and deficient brakes, among other issues. At times traversing loading docks with limited visibility, sometimes on icy or slick floors, and carrying heavy loads, these forklifts posed serious dangers to their drivers and pedestrians.   

Workplace hazards like these claim lives, and injure and maim workers every day. Forklift accidents alone cause about 85 fatalities and 34,900 serious injuries each year. Most of these life-altering incidents are preventable. Regrettably, not every employer does what they need to do to – and what the law requires – to make sure that their workers are safe.

Make sure you are one of the employers that complies with all safety regulations and keeps your employees safe by attending one of our upcoming safety programs!

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