Protecting Non-Compete Agreements

The Issue: 

Legislation is pending in the Michigan House to essentially ban the use of non-compete agreements by employers.  Amending the 30-year old law would make protecting job providers' intellectual property nearly impossible.    

Where We Stand:

The Michigan Chamber is opposed to unwarranted legislative interference in private contracts and supports the continued use of non-compete agreements. 

Non-competes are a basic fairness issue, used to protect employer interests.  Non-competes are used to protect intellectual property, customer relationships and client lists, to deter competitors from hiring away employees, to qualify for trade secret protection, and/or to enhance the value of a company for future sale.  

With over 30 years of case law developed in this issue area, the courts have consistently found that, to be enforceable, a non-compete agreement cannot completely restrain an employee's ability to earn a livelihood but, rather, must be reasonably tailored as to its duration, geography and scope of activity restricted and must be used to protect the legitimate business interest of the party seeking enforcement.  

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Wendy Block
Director of Health Policy & Human Resources
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In the News: 

30 years later, a noncompete ruling has been forged into law, Crain's Detroit Business, March 15, 2015

House bill would ban noncompete agreements in Michigan, Crain's Detroit Business, March 22, 2015

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