Protect Your Customers from Credit Card Data Hackers

Hand swiping credit card
July 8, 2016

Do you think twice about your credit card data not being secured when you’re out to eat? 

Noodles and Company diners are now suffering the effects caused by a breach between January 31st and June 2nd of this year.  Diners’ data at 400 locations have ended up in the hands of hackers causing what could be a headache for anyone who visited one of those locations.  Hackers used malware to gain access to credit card data during the four-month timeframe. 

While those who visited and made a purchase might be frustrated with their data being in the hands of hackers and having to monitor their bank accounts for suspicious activity, it’s vital for both small and large business owners to view this hack as an eye opening lesson.  If a large and well-known company such as Noodles & Company can be hacked, everyone whether nationwide or “mom and pop shop” is at risk. 

A hack into your payment software is not just a nightmare for your customers, but also for your business’ reputation.  Ensuring the protection of your business and customers should be a top priority when choosing a payment processor. Consumers want to know when they make a purchase that their information is secured. 

Solutions like tokenization or encryption of data is vital to make sure you are never jeopardized in a data hack.  While some processors offer insurance policies to cover breaches, processing with a payment processor that encrypts consumer data from the first swipe is the best protection you can choose.     

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