Michigan Chamber Continues to Fight for Taxpayers’ Rights to Fair Assessments

October 23, 2017

The Supreme Court, last week, denied Menards’ request to have the Court review the Menards v City of Escanaba decision. This case has become the poster child for the battle between local governments and businesses regarding how to fairly assess the value of real property. While the Michigan Chamber would have preferred the Supreme Court put the issue to rest in favor of taxpayers, the order stands and will now go back the Michigan Tax Tribunal to be reheard. The Michigan Chamber is confident the Tribunal will find that Menard’s was blatantly over-assessed as they did in the past.

While many are quick to claim the Supreme Court’s ruling as a victory, it is shortsighted to believe that several decades of well-established property valuation law has been abandoned by a two-sentence technical judicial ruling. 

When properties are valued for tax purposes, they should be based on true market value. To suggest using any alternative to market value is a clear indication that there are many individuals and groups looking to alter the appraisal methodology to promote an abusive and punitive tax regime. The Chamber will continue to advocate for market value property assessments and taxpayers’ rights to fair assessments. 

For more information on the order in the Menard’s case, please contact Dan Papineau at dpapineau@michamber.com.