Proponents of Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Still Think Issue Will Qualify for Nov. 2016 Ballot

May 2, 2016

Progressive groups hoping to place mandated paid sick leave on the November 2016 ballot suggested last week that they will meet the 252,523 signature threshold by June 1. The “MI Time to Care” coalition’s announcement came after several months of inactivity and a poor campaign finance report. 

If the ballot proposal is approved by voters, employees working for businesses with 10 or more employees would accrue a minimum of one hour of “earned sick time” (paid sick leave) for every 30 hours worked. Employees would be entitled to use 72 hours in a year unless the employer selects a higher limit. The rules for small businesses, defined as less than 10 employees working during a given week, including part-time, full-time and temporary workers would be slightly different. Read the Chamber's full analysis of the proposal. 

The Michigan Chamber is opposed to this one-size-fits-all mandate, which will hit the tourism, hospitality and retail industries and seasonal businesses the hardest. Companies that can afford to provide paid leave typically do. For those that don’t, cost is the driving factor. A paid leave mandate, if approved by voters, will have a chilling impact on these businesses and, ultimately, their employees who may see increased responsibilities, fewer raises, fewer bonuses, reduced hours and even layoffs.

The Michigan Chamber is actively monitoring this ballot campaign and will work to oppose the effort if it qualifies for the November ballot. For more information, contact Wendy Block at