Proponents of Decriminalizing Marijuana Taking Steps Towards 2016 Ballot Proposal

February 22, 2015

A new ballot committee was formed last week with the goal of decriminalizing marijuana in Michigan. Various news outlets report the Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Reform Committee’s goal is to ask voters in 2016 to decriminalize marijuana, improve the state’s medical marijuana law, establish a tax and regulatory system for adult use of the drug and help foster an industrial hemp market.

No details on the proposal have emerged but the Michigan Chamber will be monitoring this issue closely. Michigan’s medical marijuana law has created litigation and many unintentional consequences for employers enforcing zero-tolerance drug policies. 

The Michigan Chamber’s legislative priorities for 2015-2016 call for continuing to support the right of employers to enforce drug-free workplace policies for all employees, including medical marijuana users, without fear of being help liable for wrongful termination, charged for unemployment or liable for workers’ compensation benefits.

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