The Positive Side of Data Protection

data security
October 26, 2017

Data privacy does need to be taken seriously, but it does not need to be all doom and gloom.

Here are a few positive ways to help your business, your customers, and yourself.

  1. Help your employees take privacy seriously. No matter how good or bad your employees are about defending data, remind them it is their data too. Employee data privacy training should include a reminder (and examples) about how their data – and those of their spouses and kids – is included in what you are trying to protect. This includes their health insurance, bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, and more. Knowing you would be personally impacted can make a big difference. Especially as once someone is into your system they will likely have access to employee and customer data. Help your business by reminding employees they have a car (and an important one) in the race.
  2. Help your customers understand what you do. Successful businesses make it easy to understand what they do and why their business is best. Take the same approach with the data you collect. Most websites should have privacy policies. Make yours easy to understand and compliant with current law. Some people do not look at privacy policies. Those who do, really care about privacy. Taking this community seriously can be very helpful and requires little work. An experienced attorney, consultant, or someone in the company with the right knowledge can look over the privacy policy to make sure it is easy to read and understandable by the target audience. Consider a short summary or email explanation of what you do to keep data private. It is part privacy policy and part FAQ. Without going into lots of detail, you can provide clarity to customers and emphasize that you take data privacy seriously.
  3. Your mindset matters. It would be great if businesses could take steps to guarantee they would not get hacked, would not lose data, or otherwise have a problem. That level of certainty does not exist and thinking it does is dangerous. Taking practical steps that satisfy legal requirements and limit your risks can help minimize risks and reduce the scope of problems that arise. Taking a positive view that you will do what you can, creates the right mindset to identify problems and solutions. It also avoids the pitfalls from thinking you are not at risk or are invulnerable.

Every step matters. Make yours good ones.

Contributed by Charles M. Russman of Bodman PLC.

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