Other Tax Bills Headed to the Governor

December 20, 2018

As the 2017-2018 legislative session draws to a close, numerous tax-related legislation has been sent to the Governor, including:

  • School Bus Tax Exemption: The purchase of a school bus by a private company who offers transportation to school districts would become sales tax exempt if the Governor signs the bill.
  • Aviation Repair Parts Exemption: Legislation exempting aviation repair parts from the sales tax was sent to the Governor, again. After vetoing the bill the first time, we are uncertain of the bills future at this point.
  • Assessing Reform: Legislation led by Treasurer Khouri was sent to the Governor intended to bring accountability to the assessing profession.
  • ESA Penalty: The deadline to pay the Essential Services Assessment on personal property was extended.
  • Banking Tax: Long debated changes to the Financial Institutions Tax passed and sent to the Governor.
  • Detroit Income Tax: Companies located outside of Detroit can voluntarily choose to withhold City Income Tax on employees who live in Detroit. Additionally, the City will be granted lien powers for W2 and 1099 income without going to circuit court.
  • Oil and Gas Taxation: Legislation clarifying what extraction activity is deductible passed.

For more information about any of these bills, contact Dan Papineau at dpapineau@michamber.com.