No Tipping Fee in DEQ Budget Bills…So Far; Chamber Closely Monitoring

March 26, 2018

Last week, both the State House and Senate DEQ budget subcommittees reported out budget bills that did not include the Governor’s proposed increase of the landfill tipping fee to $4.75 from 36 cents. The next step in the budget process is for the House and Senate appropriations committees to finalize the budget bills and report them out. Until the budget is final and on the Governor’s desk, the opportunity to insert the tipping fee into the budget remains. The Michigan Chamber will monitor the budget closely and keep members posted as the process develops.  

Last week, the Chamber hosted a meeting with members to discuss the tipping fee proposal and what options might exist to replace the Clean Michigan Initiative bond money for orphan site cleanups. That conversation is just beginning; what happens in the budget process will likely influence how much time we have to look at alternatives. We recognize this is a very important issue for members and we will continue work to find a way forward that offers the best possible outcome for member firms impacted by this issue. 

Please contact Jason Geer, Director of Energy & Environmental Policy for the Michigan Chamber, at with any questions you may have.