State Legislature Delivers on Promise to Finalize State Budget

May 31, 2011

GREAT NEWS! The Republican-led State Legislature has made good on its promise to complete the state budget in a timely manner and has delivered a government spending blueprint to the Governor months ahead of the September 30th deadline. The State’s fiscal year doesn’t start until October 1, 2011 and in recent years political wrangling stifled the process and led to last minute deals comprised of accounting gimmicks and one-time fixes to avoid a government shutdown. This year, however, a new approach dominated the process as legislative leaders and the governor worked together to fashion a budget that begins to address structural spending problems without enacting devastating short-term cuts. 

The benefit of getting this plan in place early cannot be underestimated as it will allow for school districts, municipalities and others who operate on a July 1st fiscal year to undertake appropriate planning. K-12 education was a hot topic during legislative debates, but after a lot of hard work, the final result is a plan that - when fully implemented - will result in a net reduction for K-12 of approximately 1.4 percent.  

Details about the 2011-2012 budget are available online. Follow these links for more information: