Michigan Chamber Opposed to Ballot Proposal That Would Damage Checks and Balances That Protect Michigan Citizens

January 30, 2014

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors today voted to oppose a poorly thought out ballot proposal for a part-time legislature that would open the door to a runaway bureaucracy in Lansing.

“The concept of a part-time legislature may have some merit and deserves further study,” said Rich Studley, President & CEO of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. “However, the ballot proposal currently being pushed by 'Part Time Legislature – Yes!' is not well thought out and is poorly timed.”

"Imposing a part-time requirement on top of the most severe term limits in the country would seriously weaken the legislative branch of state government,” added Studley.

“The current legislature isn’t perfect, and there are times when voters have good reason to be frustrated or maybe even angry with government,” said Jim Holcomb, Senior Vice President & General Counsel for the Michigan Chamber. “But anger is not a good reason to amend the State Constitution."

“Michigan’s everyday citizens are protected by a system of checks and balances that depends on three separate, but equal, branches of government,” added Holcomb. “This proposal would tip the balance of power in Lansing in favor of the non-elected, full-time, permanent bureaucracy.”

“This November, Michigan voters will already be asked to make numerous and important decisions on races that will impact Michigan’s future,” noted Studley. “Voters deserve better than another ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’ ballot proposal that misses the target of improving state government.”