Michigan Chamber Launches TV Spot Encouraging Congressman Fred Upton

January 19, 2012

The Michigan Chamber recently launched a TV ad titled, "Fred Upton is Standing Up for Michigan Families” which is now airing in Michigan’s 6th Congressional District in Southwest Michigan. The ad highlights Congressman Upton’s record of fighting for reduced spending and against big government, opposing Obamacare, and investigating the subpoena of the Obama Administration to get answers regarding the Solyndra loan.   

Michigan Chamber President and CEO Rich Studley offered the following statement about the ad:

“Congressman Fred Upton has an outstanding record of standing up for Michigan families and job providers. Congressman Upton stood up to the Obama Administration when they proposed to increase the federal budget by more than a trillion dollars, opposed Obamacare and sought answers when the White House made a questionable $535 million loan to Solyndra.

“Congressman Upton has a distinguished record of service and commitment to families and job providers. The Michigan Chamber is hopeful the residents of Michigan’s 6th Congressional District will encourage Congressman Upton to continue standing up for Michigan families.”

View the television ad here.