Michigan Chamber Launches growMIjobs Campaign

July 9, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012 - The Michigan Chamber of Commerce today unveiled growMIjobs, an information campaign designed to rally Michigan business owners and employees to work together to maintain the state's economic momentum; encourage pro-jobs policies; and fight anti-growth initiatives aimed at halting Michigan’s turnaround.

“Michigan has been a national leader in economic improvement since a pro-business governor and legislature began reforms 18 months ago,” said Michigan Chamber President & CEO Rich Studley. “But unions, after losing recent high profile political battles in Wisconsin and Indiana, are now focusing their war chests on Michigan to rollback reforms and ‘enshrine’ their deals and power into the state constitution.

“We must not turn back the clock to the days of big government and big labor,” added Studley.

Today is the deadline for ballot petitions to be filed to be part of Michigan’s fall ballot with a growing number of issues competing for public attention.
growMIjobs is an engagement campaign that consists of the growMIjobs.org website, social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, videos and digital communications as well as advocacy, traditional grassroots outreach and marketing efforts,” explained Barry Robinson, Vice President of Chamber Services and Membership Development for the Michigan Chamber. “The goal is to bring business owners and employees together in a united front to promote policies that create jobs and grow businesses.”

"Our message is clear and positive,” noted Studley. “Let’s work together to grow jobs, not walls and roadblocks on the path to reinventing our great state.”