Michigan Chamber 2012 Election Results

November 7, 2012

We are pleased to announce that, on the state level, November 6th was a good day for job providers and taxpayers in Michigan. All across Michigan, voters went to the polls to make their voices heard, to take a stand and help keep Michigan moving forward. The Michigan Chamber played a significant role in shaping the issues and crafting messages that resonated this election and take great pride in knowing that our volunteer leaders and staff led the way to ensuring Michigan’s reinvention continues!
Throughout this election, the Michigan Chamber remained focused on achieving three main electoral goals: 1) Retain a pro-jobs, pro-reform majority in the Michigan House of Representatives; 2) Defeat all five constitutional amendments that, if adopted, would significantly harm Michigan’s economy and lessen the ability of the Legislature and Governor to enact sound policy; and 3) Maintain a conservative rule of law majority on the Michigan Supreme Court.  We are excited to report that we achieved all three goals.
Click here a breakdown of results for the races in which the Michigan Chamber endorsed candidates as well as the results of all six ballot proposals.

Click here to listen to Michigan Chamber President & CEO Rich Studley discuss the election on WJR's The Frank Beckmann Show.