Leadership Michigan Launches New Website!

December 6, 2011

Leadership Michigan, a program of the Michigan Chamber Foundation, has launched a new web site. Leadership Michigan was established in 1988 for current and emerging leaders to learn more about the state's key issues and systems and their impact on Michigan's employers. The current program is made up of six sessions from April through October.

The Leadership Michigan program works to:

  • Inform leaders about the challenges and opportunities facing our state and to encourage solutions.
  • Inspire leaders to become active in organization, community, or statewide efforts that make Michigan a better place to work and conduct business.
  • Challenge leaders to increase their awareness about themselves and their state and to maximize their leadership potential in their own circles of influence.
  • Provide an opportunity to network with a variety of individuals to strengthen personal and organizational clout.

Leadership Michigan benefits are as diverse as the participants themselves. Graduates list enhanced communication skills, a spark in creativity, exposure to future business trends, and expanding their thinking "outside the box" as the leading reasons why they consider the program exceptional.

Class members also gain:

  • An inclusive network of colleagues and resources
  • A broad understanding of state issues and developments
  • A better sense of personal leadership potential and enhanced leadership skills

Employers and sponsoring organizations acquire:

  • Employees connected to a diverse network of dynamic leaders
  • Individuals with knowledge to discuss a variety of issues at the state and community levels
  • Staff energized and motivated to apply program information to organization situations
  • Leaders prepared to address issues and keep companies in action

Visit http://leadership.michamber.com today!