Job Creators Form Coalition to Fight Anti-Taxpayer, Anti-Business Proposals

June 13, 2012

(Wednesday, June 13, 2012) - A diverse group of job creators, taxpayers, and organizations today announced a coalition to oppose a number of possible ballot proposals that are circulating throughout Michigan.

The Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan, Business Leaders for Michigan, Detroit Regional Chamber, Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan Manufacturers Association, the Michigan Association of Realtors, Small Business Association of Michigan, and the West Michigan Policy Forum have joined Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution (CPMC). Together, CPMC will educate the public on as many as 14 petition drives that are currently being discussed – an unprecedented assault on Michigan’s state constitution.

“The Michigan Constitution should never be contorted into a special-interest playground that denies citizens of fiscal accountability and equal opportunity,” said Chris Fisher, President of Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan.

“This diverse group of job creators and taxpayers is adamantly opposed to these attempts to use our constitution to end run the legislature,” Business Leaders for Michigan President and CEO Doug Rothwell noted. “These are policy matters that we elected a state legislature and governor to decide – they don’t belong in the Constitution.”

“As Michigan’s economy begins to recover and as we create more jobs, we cannot let a few state special interests create barriers to our recovery,” said Chuck Hadden, President and CEO of the Michigan Manufacturers Association.

“Michigan voters support reform and want effective, efficient policies,” noted Michigan Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Rich Studley. “The people of Michigan elected leaders to make the tough decisions to help turn our state around, and it’s working - unemployment is down and personal income and economic growth are up.

“Job creators and taxpayers are opposed to special interest attempts to manipulate the Michigan Constitution,” continued Studley. “This coalition is committed to educating Michigan voters on the perils of these proposed initiatives and the risks involved if they pass.”

In 2008, Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution blocked an attempt by special interests to radically change the Michigan Constitution that would have changed the petition process, the size and scope of the legislature, the size and scope of the judiciary, and other structures that would have made it easier for special interests to achieve favors and money-grabs than the current system. Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution successfully defeated the 2008 effort and have joined together to do so again.

“Narrow special interests groups continue to try and find ways to manipulate the Michigan Constitution for selfish purposes,” Studley noted. “CPMC will vigorously oppose any efforts by special interests to take advantage of the Michigan public.

“Now is not the time to clutter up the Michigan Constitution for selfish purposes. Instead, we urge these groups proposing these ballot initiatives to join the efforts to reinvent Michigan and turn the Michigan economy around,” Studley concluded.

Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution is a ballot question committee supported by a diverse group of job creators, taxpayers, individuals and organizations. Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution is committed to educating the Michigan public about many of the proposed ballot initiatives that are veiled attempts to mandate special status to certain groups in the Michigan Constitution.