Need Training & Education for You or Your Staff? We've Got You Covered

When changes occur that impact the workplace, you can count on the Michigan Chamber of Commerce to provide the education and training you need for you and your employees.

Because we know the time and expense required to send your staff off-site can be challenging, the Michigan Chamber offers a selection of on-demand webinars so you and your staff can learn when and where it's most convenient. These webinars provide Michigan employers an affordable option for employees to keep abreast of new or changing human resource, safety, environmental and tax issues critical to Michigan employers. 

Here is a list of on-demand webinars currently available:

  • Your Employee Handbook: Top 10 Issues
  • Employee Theft & Embezzlement Series
  • Sexual & Other Unlawful Harassment Series
  • Age Discrimination: Lessons Learned from Recent Big-Ticket Jury Awards
  • Equal Pay Act Update
  • Severance Pay
  • Get Paid: Collecting on Past-Due Accounts
  • Terminating Employees for Off-Duty Conduct
  • Employee Marijuana Use & Employer Rights
  • Mental Health Issues in the Workplace
  • Branding Your HR Department: What Do People Say When They See You Coming?
  • Pre-Employment Screening: Legal & Effective Use in Hiring
  • Managing Millennial Series     
  • HR: Friend or Foe? Keys to Gaining Your Employees’ Trust
  • “Me” in the Workplace Webinar Series
  • Hiring Salespeople: Finding a “Hunter”
  • OSHA Record Keeping Update: New Injury & Illness Rule Enforcement Begins Dec. 1
  • Exporting Webinar Series
  • Cyber Security Webinar Series

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Tammy Smith, Director of Training & Education Solutions for the Michigan Chamber, at or (517) 371-7670.