‘Coronavirus Work Share Programs, Which Pay Part-Time Employees Like Full-Time Ones, Could Help Reopen the Economy’

June 16, 2020 featured an article recently about how states’ Work Share programs can help employers restart their business and bring employees back from unemployment.

Under the Work Share program, businesses can retain or bring back employees with reduced hours and employees are able to earn wages and unemployment benefits (including the $600 weekly federal payout through the CARES Act).  While Work Share benefits are normally charged against an employer’s unemployment insurance account, Work Share benefits are federally funded through December 27, 2020 so benefits will not be charged to an employer’s account.

While employers traditionally used these programs to reduce hours in lieu of a layoff, employers are using Work Share to bring employees back to work after COVID-19 layoffs.   Work Share provides government-funded unemployment benefits to soften the economic transition back to work.  Work Share is proving especially helpful to employers who are finding their employees reluctant to return to work because they are making more on unemployment than they would be on the job.  

For more information on Work Share, we would encourage you to visit the state’s Work Share website and/or email Wendy Block with questions at