Michigan Chamber Strongly Opposed to Proposed Graduated Income Tax

May 18, 2015

Member Alert! Michigan Democrats last week began to use voter rejection of Proposal 1 as a platform to continue their attack on Michigan’s constitutional protection against a graduated income tax. Both House Joint Resolution K, to strip Michigan’s Constitutional protection against a graduated income tax, and House Bill 4341, which shows the dramatic rate increases, were introduced earlier this year. Together, these proposals would result in major tax increases on individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and job providers. 

The Michigan Chamber is strongly opposed to this effort to punish success. Imposing a graduated income tax would move Michigan in the wrong direction and voters have already rejected this idea three times before. Indeed, it would be very difficult for proponents to get a proposal like this through the current legislative process, but proponents have made it no secret that they would like to try to take this issue directly to voters themselves by placing this issue on the 2016 ballot. Please keep this issue on your radar!

For more information, contact Tricia Kinley, Senior Director of Tax & Regulatory Reform, at (517) 371-7669 or tkinley@michamber.com