Chamber Launches Statewide "Decline to Sign" Campaign to Protect MI's Energy Future

May 13, 2015

The Michigan Chamber today announced the launch of a statewide voter education campaign, called “Decline to Sign,” to encourage voters not to sign a dangerous petition to totally ban a safe and proven method of energy exploration in Michigan.

“Environmental extremists have returned with a new petition to completely ban hydraulic fracturing in Michigan and plan to begin collecting signatures later this month,” said Michigan Chamber President & CEO Rich Studley. “If adopted, the intended and unintended consequences of this ballot initiative would be very economically damaging to our state.”

Two years ago, the radical group, Let’s Ban Fracking, failed to collect enough signatures to put an initiative on the 2014 ballot after the Michigan Chamber launched a proactive statewide voter education campaign, called Protect Michigan’s Energy Future. The Michigan Chamber will soon launch a similar public information campaign.

“In Michigan, hydraulic fracturing has been used for over 50 years without a negative impact on human health or the environment,” noted Jason Geer, Director of Energy & Environmental Policy for the Michigan Chamber. “With over 12,000 wells drilled using this technique, hydraulic fracturing has been proven to be safe and reliable.”

“The dangerous petition drive to ban hydraulic fracturing is based on fear and emotion, not facts or sound science,” said Studley. “Eighty percent of Michigan homes are heated with natural gas produced right here in Michigan. Banning fracking would result in fewer jobs and higher home heating bills for Michigan residents.”

“We strongly urge voters to decline to sign this badly flawed petition that would severely limit Michigan’s energy future,” Studley concluded. “Now is not the time to sign away Michigan’s energy future.”

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