Michigan Chamber Launches "Don't Sign Away Your Job" Campaign

August 18, 2015

Michigan Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Rich Studley today announced the launch of a statewide campaign against the proposed $900 million corporate income tax hike by three construction unions. 

“We are strongly committed to informing voters about the harmful consequences of the proposed 83% tax hike on over 38,000 job providers,” said Studley. ‘This political attack on employers will cause greater unemployment, increased prices on a wide range of products and services, and would take a wrecking ball to Michigan's economic competitiveness.”

“If approved, this union ballot proposal will severely damage our state’s economic competitiveness by giving Michigan the second highest corporate tax rate among all states,” Studley continued. “Just like alligators, these construction unions will bite the hand that feeds them and voters need to know that their jobs are at stake. We urge voters to not sign away their jobs.”

The Michigan Chamber today released two digital advertisements. View the ads and additional information on the proposed tax increase here.