Michigan Chamber Fights for Taxpayer Access to Courts

March 9, 2015

The Michigan Senate Finance Committee moved Senate Bill 100 (Brandenburg) that would eliminate the “pay-to-play” requirement for taxpayers who would like to enter the Michigan Court of Claims to protest the part of their state tax assessment in dispute. Under current law, Michigan taxpayers face a significant barrier to entry since the “pre-payment” could be tens of millions of dollars. This jeopardizes their due process rights. Members tell us that they resent being viewed as a “piggy-bank.” Hopefully reform of this system also  improves administration of the law, as well as push Treasury to only go to court when there is a clear and supportable position to be taken. We are advocating for fast action on the Senate floor!

For more information, please contact Tricia Kinley at tkinley@michamber.com or (517) 371-7669.