Michigan Chamber Endorses Bill Schuette for Governor

March 22, 2018

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce today endorsed Attorney General Bill Schuette for Governor. 

“Voters who care about job creation and economic growth have a lot at stake in deciding who to support for Governor in the November 2018 election,” said Michigan Chamber President & CEO Rich Studley. “Business leaders see the campaign for governor as a hiring decision.”

“After careful consideration of candidate background and experience, positions on key issues, the ability to articulate a compelling vision for Michigan’s future and leadership skills, the Michigan Chamber has concluded that Bill Schuette is the candidate most well-qualified to lead state government and keep Michigan moving forward,” added Studley.

“Bill Schuette has an independent track record of accomplishment,” noted Studley. “Drawing upon experience in the legislative, judicial and executive branches of state government and steadfast leadership, Bill is strongly positioned to win both the August primary and November general election.”

“Bill Schuette has the ability and determination to hit the ground running from day one as Michigan’s next governor with a bold vision for our state's future,” Studley concluded.

One of the Michigan Chamber’s strategic goals is to deliver business leadership through political action. Often in government, the most important decision is who decides. The Michigan Chamber will be announcing additional endorsements of pro-jobs candidates for state and federal offices at a later date.