Chamber Backs Legislation Preempting Local Labor Laws

May 18, 2015

The Michigan Chamber last week testified before the House Commerce Committee, championing legislation granting exclusive authority to the state and federal government to govern private sector employers’ relations with their employees. 

House Bill 4052, introduced by Rep. Poleski (R-Jackson), expressly prohibits local units of government from adopting, enforcing or administering ordinances, policies and/or resolutions establishing any requirement related to employee wages or benefits, such as local leave mandates, local wage or fringe benefit mandates, local scheduling or shift mandates, local minimum or prevailing wage mandates and the like. 

The Michigan Chamber’s support for HB 4052 is not about whether employers should offer a fair wage, leave time or any other particular benefit. Rather, for us, this bill is about who should make these decisions. We support HB 4052 because we do not believe Michigan’s 1,800-plus local units of government should hold the power to enact different inflexible and burdensome employment regulations on private sector employers because these mandates are costly and burdensome for employers, can significantly deter economic development in the areas they are adopted, and ultimately impact our state’s overall competitiveness. 

The House Commerce Committee plans to take a vote on HB 4052 this week. We will be urging quick action on a vote of the full House. 

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