Michigan Chamber Applauds Senate Action on Data Breach Notification Legislation

December 13, 2018

The Michigan Senate unanimously reported legislation out of committee that would require businesses who incur a cyber security breach of personal identifying information to notify those individuals that their information has been compromised, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce reported today.

“In my time at the Michigan Chamber, I have never worked on an issue where every segment of the business community came together to work as cooperatively and collaboratively as they did on this issue to craft both valuable and workable consumer protection initiatives,” said Dan Papineau, Director of Tax Policy and Regulatory Affairs for the Michigan Chamber. 

“Currently, Michigan, as well as approximately 27 other states, requires businesses to notify consumers affected by a breach of personal identifying information without unreasonable delay or a similar, open-ended timeframe,” noted Papineau. “House Bill 6405 will bring Michigan in line with states that require notification be made within a specific amount of time.” 

“Michigan consumers have a right to be notified that information such as their credit card number or social security number have been compromised,” Papineau added. “This legislation imposes reasonable mandates that will require businesses to notify consumers that could be affected by a data breach.”

“The Michigan Chamber supports this important consumer protection proposal,” Papineau continued.

President and CEO Rich Studley thanked the sponsor of the bill for her leadership on this issue. “Representative Farrington had the foresight to see the increasing number of data breaches occurring across the country and do something about it for consumers,” Studley said. “It's easy to sit back and point out a problem, but to bring forth a solution shows true leadership.”

“HB 6405 is a significant step forward to increase a consumers’ right to know that their personal identifying information was compromised,” Studley concluded.