Chamber Applauds House Passage of Bill to Preempt Local Employment Law Ordinances

May 21, 2015

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce today issued the following statement by Michigan Chamber President & CEO Rich Studley regarding legislation passed by the Michigan House (House Bill 4052) yesterday to prevent regulatory overreach by prohibiting local government from enacting certain types of employment law ordinances.

“House Bill 4052 will preempt local employment law ordinances that overlap, duplicate or conflict with state and federal labor laws. Local control is not a grant of unlimited authority to cities and townships to over regulate businesses involved in intrastate commerce.”

“The legislation reaffirms the authority of state government to govern private sector employers’ relations with their employees.”

“The Michigan Chamber worked with the bill sponsor and others on an amendment to clarify that the bill does not override local ordinances prohibiting employment discrimination in the workplace, as this was never the intent of the bill.”

“The Michigan Chamber’s support for HB 4052 is not about whether employers should offer a fair wage, leave time or any other particular benefit. Rather, for us, this bill is about who should make these decisions. We support HB 4052 because Michigan’s 1,800-plus local units of government should not hold unlimited power to enact inflexible, burdensome and job-killing employment regulations. These mandates significantly deter economic development and ultimately negatively impact our state’s overall economic competitiveness.”