Grand Rapids

Good Policy Means Good Business


Pleune Service Company is a 100% employee-owned mechanical contractor servicing the Grand Rapids, Lansing and surrounding areas. Founded in 1974, Pleune’s strategy is to provide the best service possible by delivering prompt, quality HVAC service and installation to the commercial and industrial markets.

“It takes direction and resilience to be a successful company,” says Ken Misiewicz, President & CEO. “Our founder, John Pleune, was clear about being the best mechanical contractor possible and doing the right things right; he was not concerned about being a particular size or worried about what the competition was doing.”

“Thankfully, our employee’s dedication to customer service pulled us through an oil crisis, multiple recessions, and growth pains,” notes Ken. “The lessons learned from decades of experience are with us and are used every day to continue delivering the level of customer service that sets us apart.”


“The Michigan Chamber is a strong voice for the state’s business community,” says Ken. “As a business, it’s important that we engage in public policy to protect free commerce. The Michigan Chamber helps us to stay informed and is advocating for us at both the state and federal levels.”

The Chamber’s greatest value to us is the high level public policy impact for Pleune Service Company and our customers,” notes Ken. “Policy work never ends. Whether it’s playing offense as in reforming auto no-fault insurance, or the constant defense needed to work against burdensome regulations, the Michigan Chamber works relentlessly to make good public policy.”

“Our participation in the Chamber’s Health & Human Resources and Tax Policy advisory committees has given us important information to help us navigate the ever-changing landscape,” says Ken.